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Specialist of Strategic Planning and Investments Division 
of Visaginas Municipality Administration 
Rasa Gaidelienė

Parko str. 14, LT-31139, Visaginas
Phone No. (8 386) 39 117, Fax No. (8 386) 31 286
Visaginas Municipality

Geographic coordinates of the centre of Visaginas Municipality: 55 degrees 36 minutes 21 seconds north latitude and 26 degrees 25 minutes 36 seconds east longitude. That is the north-eastern part of Utena County. The City of Visaginas, founded on the north bank of Visaginas Lake, is in the centre of it. Visaginas is located 150 km north-east of the capital Vilnius and about 70 km east of the centre of the County – the City of Utena.
Visaginas Municipality is framed by Gražutė Regional Park (Zarasai District) in the north-west, the lands of Ignalina District that belong to Aukštaitija National Park in the south, the largest lake of Lithuania – Drūkšiai Lake (Zarasai District) in the north, and Vitebsk Region of the Republic of Belarus in the east, beyond Drūkšiai Lake.  
Picturesque surroundings of Visaginas City create favourable conditions for tourism development. Visaginas Municipality is located in a region covered by hills, mixed forests, in places dominated by pineries mixed with deciduous trees or small areas of deciduous trees with sighing powerful large-branched oaks. The territory was first mentioned in historical sources in 1526. A nice modern city developed in the place of former Paliaudanės and Visagino Villages. The construction of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant stimulated the development of the plans of a new city. In the summer of 1975, the builders of the power plant brought a huge stone and put it near the first block of apartments. The shape of the stone for many reminds the territory of Lithuania. This stone became a cornerstone of the city and the day when it was brought (10 August) was declared the city birthday. 
Visaginas was gradually expanded since the Ignalina NPP had even four reactors. A projected part of the city was not built, however. When the country regained its independence, Visaginas Municipality was established and Visaginas was granted the city rights. In 1996, the coat of arms of the city was approved by the President’s decree. It images a silver crane in a blue meadow; a crane in heraldry is a symbol of prudence and vigilance. 
Visaginas is the youngest city of Lithuania. It was planned according to a model of the spread wings of a butterfly rising from a flower and enfolding the blue of the lake, thus, the buildings of any purpose and from any place of the city can be reached by foot in a few or some ten minutes without personal or public transport. The architecture of the city is well-balanced; multi-storey buildings nicely fit to the flora varied by well-groomed flower gardens of the city. A leisure zone/park and Visaginas Lake can be accessed by pathways. The lake is the largest in the municipal territory, covering the area of 220.4 ha; its depth is 6 m. The forest-covered lake is decorated by small islands that can be visited by a rented boat or a water-bike. A ten-kilometre zone around Visaginas is covered by 110 lakes and lakelets of different sizes; places for camping were established on picturesque banks. These are nice places for leisure activities, fishing and sports both in summer and winter. The most common fish are pikes, roach, crucian carps, breams, bleaks, tenches, bass, catfish, etc. It is not only lakes but swamps as well that are full of natural goods: cranberries, cowberries and other berries. The largest lake of Lithuania – Drūkšiai Lake (length – more than 10 km, width – more than 9 km, overall area – 4500 ha, depth – up to 33 m) – and other lakes are always full of visitors, willing to swim or fish. It is worth mentioning that the visitors swimming to the frontier waters must first inform the border police. Before fishing in frontier ponds, visitors should get acquainted with certain safety requirements. Permits to fish in the frontier bodies of water are issued by Visaginas border police cordon. 
Visaginas Municipality has a diverse cultural life. It hosts large-scale international events: international festival “Visagino country” in the central stadium of the City,  international festival of folk music and dance “Ežerų sietuva” attracting visitors’ attention by its folk music and dance, traditional events of the City Day, cultural days of Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians, song festivals of Polish and other cultures, Uzbek Pilaff Holiday, events on public holidays and commemoration days, Christmas and New Year events in cultural centres and the city square.
Visaginas Mayor Cup Winter Rally Driving is well known and popular in Visaginas. It attracts 5000 residents of the City and the nearby localities.  
A comfortable network of communication by personal and public transport and a good highway network link Visaginas with any place in Lithuania. One of the major railway lines of Lithuania Saint Petersburg (Russia)-Daugavpils (Latvia)-Vilnius-Warsaw (Poland)-Berlin (Germany) traverses the City of Visaginas.
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